Investment Banking Training Course – Epic Bundle!

This Investment Banking Training Course is an epic bundle  of  99 courses with 500+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. This is not all, you also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete These courses.

This online investment banking course is the most comprehensive Investment Banking Preparation material on the planet! It is designed for students and professionals who want to master skills investment banking. The resources included here are from basics tutorials is a super-advanced concepts of Investment Banking.

Please note that this epic bundle is provided by eduCBA (Global Online Training Experts) and I am one of the co-founders at eduCBA.  

The Bundle is Primarily divided into 5 parts for easy learning -

Please note that this special invitation price of $ 99 includes access to all 5 parts (you do not have this Separately buy each one of them) 

Part 1 - Investment Banking Training - Core Courses

Investment Banking Core Courses

These set of core courses start on Investment Banking from the basic operations at an Investment Bank is the core imparting practical training on the same. Some of the core courses include accounting analyst, Valuations, public comps, discounted cash flows or DCF modeling, modeling IPO, Private Equity Modeling, LBO Modeling, Equity Research, Pitch book, Fixed Income and many more.

Part 2 - Advanced Modeling Training Investment Banking


This second part on advanced modeling training for Investment Bankers dedicated Primarily it is mastering the art of financial modeling. In this you will not only get a basic understanding of preparing a financial model but will also get enough practice this apply the same on different sectors. In this part, there are financial 20+ models you can learn from, Including the FMCG sector, IT Sector, Oil & Gas Sector, Banking Sector, Media Sector, Pharma Sector, etc.

Part 3 - Investment Banking Add-ons

Investment-Banking-add - on-Courses

These Investment Banking Add-on courses That May not be Directly connected with Investment Banking, however, they are required for your complete knowledge of Banking and Finance Sector. Some of the areas include here are banking functionalities, Debt Markets Concept of Technical Analysis, Portfolio Management, etc.

Part 4 - Investment Banking Foundation Courses


These Investment Banking Foundation Courses are extremely important for working in an Investment Bank. Investment Bankers spend 90% of Their time on either Excel Sheet, Presentations, or Report Writing. In These part of Investment banking foundation courses we have covered concepts of Basic Excel to Advanced Excel (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, Mac version) and also the PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. In case, if you are not a master These In These Microsoft tools, then you can make the bridge from foundation These courses. We have also included a Visual Basic / VBASE and Macros as they are very helpful for Investment Bankers That automate repetitive and mundane tasks.

Part 5 - Soft Skills for Investment Bankers

Soft skills-for-Investment-Bankers

Not only Investment Bankers are required to possess pleasing personality, they are expected to be excellent Communicators and shrewd Negotiators. These soft skill courses for Investment Bankers do not only cover personality development courses but also provide you with tips and tricks of cracking the job interviews.

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